Readers Write: Trump apologist on the wrong track

The Island Now

In response to Joan Swirsky’s comments in her letter, “Democratic Convention Failed to Impress” in the Aug. 28 issue of the Great Neck News:  Joan, what flavor of Kool-Aid did you drink?

I asked this question because I find it incredible that any sentient being could believe the rubbish that’s promulgated on Fox News, which from your article you are probably a devoted viewer of.

“Communism vs. Freedom.” Give me a break.   Donald Trump, has done about as much as any human being to subvert the Constitution, destroy the rule of law, and suppress free speech including supporting and even pardoning convicted criminals who, in the not-so-good-old days would have been convicted of treason for aiding and abetting the Russians (or Communists, as they used to be known).  He’s alienated and isolated the USA from our allies, including NATO.  All of this serves to strengthen Vladimir Putin’s (remember him…head of a Communist country and the former head of the KGB) efforts to destroy democracy  and establish a stronger foothold in Europe.

Are you not aware that Donald Trump admires and looks up to Vladimir Putin?   You refer to chaos and anarchy if the Democrats are elected, but you forget that this is going on NOW in those “Democratic-run cities” under Donald Trump’s rule as president.  You seemed to forget that “socialists” made it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of Medicare and Social Security.

One of Donald Trump’s goals, as it was George W. Bush”s aim, is to privatize Social Security.  And, if you think that he cares about Israel and the Jews, guess again.  His favorite night-time book, was Mein Kampf, not the Talmud.  And this little game that he’s rigged with his good friend, Netanyahu (Israel making kissy face with the United Arab Emirates) will be just a very short-lived, feel-good moment.  It’s just another manipulation of ignorant, gullible people.

You support a liar, a person who has physically assaulted women and bragged about it, a person who has put children in cages, a person who has pretty much violated every rule of human decency, including his close friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein , a known and convicted  sex offender and trafficker of under-age girls.

Well, this may all be OK with you because thanks to Donald Trump you:

1) may not pay your fair share of federal income taxes, what with his tax  breaks for the wealthy and only for the wealthy;

2) see ignorance and bigotry elevated to a level of a national ethos;

3) see every small-minded, mean-spirited belief that you have validated.

If you want to return to McCarthyism, I don’t.  We are on the verge of losing our democracy, and if you aide and abet those who are responsible for doing so, you, too, will reap the rewards of that catastrophic outcome.

Phyllis Schalet

Great Neck

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