Readers Write: To be or not to be re: coronavirus

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To be or not to be  re: coronavirus


What day is today you ask?

Like your face, it’s covered with a mask.

Blackout! The days come and go.

How I miss Mondays so.

The beginning of the week. At least I knew.

Certainty. Like knowing the color blue.

The way I feel now, day in and day out.

Stop the world I want to get off I shout.

Let’s get back to normal. Enough of crazy.

Before coronavirus, if I did this, I’d be considered lazy.

The dice rolls. It comes up seven.

You win. You’re alive, but it sure ain’t heaven.

Tests used to scare me. You know those with the written word.

Now if you’re positive, you could die, so I heard.

Lucky. They’ve been strangers so far. None close to me.

Scary every day. Just watch it on T.V.

Who’s in charge? Stop this. Please.

Empty promises. Blows away, like the breeze.

Will it ever end? Let me count the days.

You have solutions? Let me count the ways.

He says this. He says that. What can you believe?

Politics! It’s a game known to deceive.

No more talk. Gotta go back and hide

and to thank God. No one I know has died.

Used to be optimistic. Can’t bear now the negative thought

that no matter what we do, is it all for naught?

To respond: There’s one more message I need to send.

“TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” Is this…The End?

By Alvin H. Goldberg, Great Neck, N.Y.

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