Readers Write: The right choice: Judge Birnbaum

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I am a long-time business owner in the Village of Great Neck and served as president of the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce.

During all my years of living and working in Great Neck, I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with many government officials. Some were outstanding but none more so than my friend Mark Birnbaum, who currently serves as the Great Neck Village justice.

Judge Birnbaum has a long history of serving the village, ranging from the commissioner of the Great Neck Senior Housing Authority, chairman of the Board of Zoning and Appeals, eleven years as a village trustee, and Great Neck police commissioner.

Mark also served as a counsel for the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce pro bono during my term as a president, and he continues to do so as of this day. In 2013 he was elected village justice and re-elected in 2017. He is running again this year.

Judge Birnbaum has carried out his duties with the utmost respect for those who appeared before him, regardless of background, and there has never been a question about his integrity or fairness to residents and others who appear before him.

He has an extraordinary understanding of the village and the issues and challenges facing those who find themselves in court.

A 38-year resident of the Village of Great Neck, with over 30 years serving the public, Judge Birnbaum deserves your support as he seeks another term as your village justice.
The election takes place on Tuesday, June 15 and I urge you to come and vote for him.

Hooshang Nematzadeh
Trustee, Village of Kings Point

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