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I see my piece correlating 1930s Germany and the present Republican Party has elicited a couple of responses.

A Mr. William Zuk of Port Washington writes, “He is also consumed with his hatred of former President Trump, who to the best of my knowledge, is not running for any position in Nassau County.”

Ahh, you caught me. Yes, I do have a visceral contempt for someone who tried to overthrow an election and is still trying, and whips up the ignorant slice of our population into a frenzy of hatred.

Also for a party that is openly trying to rig the next election. Guilty as charged, citizen! If that makes me a bad person in your eyes, I suggest you take a moment to examine your conscience.

Unfortunately, he is the head of the Republican Party, which was the point of my piece.

There is no place for any Republican in public office as long as Trump remains. And that’s not negotiable. Get rid of them all. No one is going to miss Ed Ra. As I said, if Trump continues to lead the party, the armbands aren’t too far away. They will all fall in, because history tells us so.

A Ms. Susan Carroll of Great Neck writes, “Due to longstanding ties to the South Shore of Long Island, I first met Sen/ Kaminsky when he was a state Assemblymember. I later volunteered for his special election campaign for state Senate in 2016, because I was drawn to his innate sense of decency and fairness, and liked his strong record of fighting corruption as a former federal prosecutor.”

I’m glad she was impressed, but there’s a small problem here since the City of Long Beach, which Mr. Kaminsky has been part of the political scene for some time, it appears when it comes to corruption, someone has been looking the other way. Like for a long time.

As Bloomberg reported, Long Beach has borrowed millions of dollars annually to pay employees for unused vacations and sick days. Payments averaged $300,000 for firefighters and $620,000 for police sergeants.

Then there was that nasty business with the current Comptroller finding $50,000 in his bank account, which was just an honest mistake. I mean that sort of thing happens to us all the time, right?

The current Nassau DA found “rampant, longstanding, egregious incompetence in Long Beach government,” but claimed she didn’t have enough evidence to bring criminal charges.


Fear not, because maybe the SEC will.

When the city borrowed $40 million to settle a court judgment, the offering statement for a bond issue stated that figure. Unfortunately, the actual judgment was $130 million, and at least the Feds don’t walk away from this kind of lying when it comes to issuing public debt.

Better still, three of the five City Council members had no idea the city had five straight years of operating deficits. These are the people who will be running the County after they get kicked upstairs.

Mr. Kaminsky, you will note, replaced Dean Skelos.

Aside from that, whether it was former DA Kathleen Rice, who has proven to be easily swayed by a bag of money, or a look at Mr. Kaminsky’s donor list, both come to the office immediately compromised.

His opponent is equally compromised by her donor list. But she’s a Republican, and she can’t erase that stain.

With GOP senators and Congressmen actively involved in overthrowing a democratically elected government, no Republican, down to the most junior position, can be permitted to hold office.

It’s that simple.

Donald Davret


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