Readers Write The issue at G.N. library is ex-trustees who can’t let go

The Island Now

This newspaper has recently posted several letters from ex-trustees of the Great Neck Library, making some very troubling accusations about current board members.

Even more troubling is the fact that these people who have supposedly retired from their positions do not seem to be able to let go and allow the current trustees to function without attempting to undermine them at every turn.

It is disheartening to see this kind of smear campaign in our town, and disappointing to see this newspaper continue to print these unfounded rumors.

I applaud the efforts of the newer trustees on the board, including the reinstatement of the former library director and re-connecting the Great Neck Library with the Nassau InterLibrary System.

These ex-trustees didn’t think it was important for our library to be connected to the rest of Long Island, among other things. I am hopeful that with the elimination of the nominating committee and the election of new trustees, the library will continue to serve the needs of the community and provide innovative programming for all ages.

It is important that people vote yes for Proposition #1 – ELIMINATE THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE. No other local election has a nominating committee. When people run for park commissioner or school board member, even for a local village mayor, they get signatures on a petition and they are qualified to run.

It is a fair and democratic way to run an election. The very existence of a “nominating committee” simply allows these ex-board members to continue to function in the background, hand-picking their favorite candidates who they know will continue to implement their policies. This is unfair and frankly, it’s cronyism.

Vote Doug Hwee and Kim Schader for library trustees.

It’s time for new ideas and new representation at the Great Neck Library!

Nina K. Gordon
Great Neck

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