Readers Write: Thank you Mineola for your vote of confidence

The Island Now

On behalf of Trustee George Durham, Trustee Dennis Walsh and Judge John O’Shea of the New Line Party, I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continuing support of our efforts to serve the community here in Mineola.

It is gratifying to know that so many residents came out to vote this past Tuesday, showing support for our leadership of the village by re-electing us for another term.

This is a very exciting time for Mineola, and we are proud to continue playing a role in securing a bright future for our beloved Village.

We are just beginning to see the results of smart residential development planning in specific locations downtown, and the village is beginning to benefit from the revenues generated by these developments.

We are focused on bringing in new businesses, restaurants and services to the downtown area as part of its revitalization.

We will continue to apply sound, responsible fiscal oversight to village budgets to keep taxes as low as possible.

And most importantly, we will always look to hear from you – our fellow residents – because it is you who make our jobs as stewards of this great village worth the time and effort required.

So please, reach out to us, tell us what is on your mind and share your vision for Mineola with us.

Thank you,

Mayor Scott Strauss

Trustee Dennis Walsh

Trustee George Durham

Judge John O’Shea

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