Readers Write: Ted Rosen has qualities Great Neck Plaza needs

The Island Now

I intend to vote for Ted Rosen to be the next Mayor of the Village of Great Neck Plaza.

I have known Ted for approximately the past five years. I have seen him work with others to address a variety of issues and problems.

Ted is focused on finding the best solution. He is open to ideas and suggestions from all participants. He has a practical orientation to try to solve the problem or issue with which he is dealing.

Where there may be disagreement, Ted works to build a consensus. He is tough when he has to be, but I have always seen him treat everyone with respect and courtesy. He is an honorable person of high integrity.

Ted Rosen has the qualities we need in the mayor of Great Neck Plaza. I will vote for him and I ask my fellow residents of Great Neck Plaza to do so as well.

Michael Molk

Great Neck

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