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I wholeheartedly agree with Larry Penner’s opinion piece about the consequences of us becoming a debtor nation, the same way I agree with the author’s opinion piece from ten years ago when he had his written tete-a-tete with then-Congressman Gary Ackerman on these very pages.
The author makes suggestions about how leading Dems Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and friends should show their faith in the bill.

But the author, who appears to lean Republican/Libertarian in his political opinions, neglects to mention that some Democrats voted against the bill and some Republicans for it.

Doesn’t the author care enough about his opinion pieces to stop telling half-truths and tell the entire story?

The author is entitled to his opinion and is entitled to express his opinion. He should not omits facts inconvenient to his opinion.

The inference is the Democrats are bad and the Republicans are good when the truth lies in the middle. Let me add that at almost 60 years old I have never been a registered Democrat. I’ve been Republican, Independence, Blank, and Conservative. Every enrollment except Blank has been affiliated with Republicans.

Nat Weiner


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