Readers Write: Supreme Court helped rig election system for rich

The Island Now

Mr. Dragoon’s letter was spot on!

Unfortunately, The Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled in April 2014 that, in essence, money is the equivalent of free speech, thereby nailing the coffin shut in our electoral process.

The ruling was very long and while it interfered with the process of monetary donations in a very limited way, it did not interfere with monied interests redirecting their money through super PACs and other routes. essentially allowing monetary corruption to continue to feed our elected officials through the election process.

As long as this favoring of monied interests continues, our culture will continue its downward slide.

It is a tragedy when one thinks about the myriad of folks who have sacrificed their lives, families, friends, etc.  fighting for the principles upon which our country was founded.

Facta non verba

Richard L Reiser

Great Neck


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