Readers Write: Save us from the anti-Trumpers

The Island Now

The left-wing Williston Times has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Perhaps I should consider replacing it with Pravda since Vladimir Putin, the president’s puppet master we’re told, would probably only allow complimentary coverage.

Together with Newsday, The New York Times, The Washington Post, watching CNN, MSNBC and funded by George Soros and with spiritual advisers, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright,  I get my daily fix of the leftist media and their efforts to defeat the president in the 2020 election. I’m absolutely hooked!

The devil incarnate, killer of thousands of U.S. citizens due to his response to the pandemic — Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot rolled into one,  Donald J. Trump. And elect the saviors of the USA — the Democratic Party, 40 years running for office and wrong on every major issue (has Joe Biden come out and seen his shadow yet?), nationally led by its darling socialist AOC, with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and from Georgia, who still refuses to admit election defeat and who we are told will be the next VP, Stacey Abrams, or now maybe the ever lovable, Kamala Harris will be chosen.

Along with Antifa, defunded police (one of Hitler’s first moves), rioters, looters and just plain thugs wearing hoods and black masks (undoubtedly to follow Covid 19 guidelines), they will bring our country back from Sodom and Gomorrah and restore us to our rightful place in history as an apologetic third world country. Built on slave labor, systematic racism, xenophobia and cops getting up in the morning and after showering, looking to shoot and kill black men at will before having their Cheerios washed down with the first morning coffee.

Boy, do I feel better knowing that a cop won’t be stopping me as I burglarize my neighbors, steal their cars and burn down their houses as long as I wear my N95 coronavirus mask while social distancing — now optional when rioting and looting as long as for a good cause. And without any cash bail if arrested and a get-out-of-jail free card with a promise to return to court. I must admit I was once a Cub Scout and promise to return if arrested. Scouts Honor!

I just don’t know where they get the time even during the pandemic to tear down our monuments and deface our sacred shrines. Had it not been for the unlawful and dictatorial decision by President Trump to send in the troops (were they really American soldiers or were they dressed-up Russians) and as per Queen Nancy, the absolute No. 1 bully in our country (did you get her mailer?) I’m happy that she prays for the president each and every day and for all those poor souls living in tents and defecating in the streets of San Francisco not far from her mansion.  Sorry, I mean her humble abode.

We’ve also been told that the president must be stopped at all costs for the good of the country and Sleepy Joe might have to give him a good thrashing if the Secret Service or Seal Team 6 can’t handle his peaceable extraction from the White House. Will it be televised on CNN as 30 armed, machine-gun-wielding, flak-jacketed federal agents enter the front door and grab him along with manhandling Barron as Melania cries out and prays in one of the six fluent languages that she speaks?

How hypocritical you leftists are!

I don’t blame you. it’s not your fault. You probably went to Woodstock and are still reeling from the after-effects of a bad LSD trip while at your liberal college studying Carl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Timothy Leary and Art History.

Perhaps you might even consider writing about the never-ending death toll in Chicago, where week after week, Blacks killing Blacks- setting a new record practically every week- and children are not exempt from this carnage. They have names- like 6-month-old Jonyiah Watkins, who was shot five times before dying. 

Please inform Mayor Lori Lightfoot that way more Black men are killed in Chicago in two or three weekends by other Black men than all the Black men killed by cops, both Black and white,  in one year in the entire United States! 

A subject closer To home For your next protest

Why don’t you protest the horrible treatment of the innocent children in the Hempstead School System who year after year get shafted through no fault of their own? Eighth graders and high school graduates can’t read at level. Something like 53 percent of the high school seniors graduate.  What  is it in your school district — probably more than 98-plus percent, right? Organize the parents into a real, potent force for change. Get a few thousand people to protest at the next school board meeting. 

A word to the left about the silent majority

The Silent Majority is alive and kicking and as Admiral Yamamoto is quoted to have said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The often-quoted Biden 12-14 point lead in the polls is meaningless and will evaporate as soon as he emerges from his bunker and talks in front of live bodies and is subject to not-so-softball questioning.

I can’t wait for the debates with no notes!

We Will Vote. We Will Support our Police and Law and Order. We Will Not Stand For Looting and Rioting as an Acceptable Form of Social Change.

Vic Oliveri

Williston Park

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