Readers Write: Safeguard water and vote for Brackett

The Island Now

The Port Washington Water District is in the middle of a complicated, 5-year capital improvement plan to deal with recently regulated contaminants found in drinking water sources across Long Island.

An example is 1,4-dioxane; our district is making a significant investment to construct new, state-of-the-art treatment systems. As a result of this forward-looking endeavor, our Water District is highly respected as a proactive, professional leader among Long Island districts.

David Brackett is an essential part of this team. He has led the process to develop and execute this plan and knows our resources, our problems and how to solve them.

Not electing him will result in disruption of this extremely important, ongoing 5-year plan.

For 30 years he has delivered safe drinking water to our 30,000 residents. Let’s keep him in office. Please mark your calendars to go and vote for David Brackett as Port Washington Water Commissioner on Dec. 14, 12-9 PM at the Polish-American Hall on Pulaski Place in Port Washington. Your water depends on your vote.

Lisa Donatelli
Port Washington

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