Readers Write: Rubin lays out case for gun reform

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Karen Rubin’s insightful article, “Biden must tackle gun reform in first 100 days” is interesting and informative.

Ms. Rubin wisely charts urgent legislative measures needed to reduce illegal gun possession, thereby reducing senseless gun violence deaths. She surely has it right, not only is the time ripe for real gun safety sense, but it is imperative to initiate change.

I believe that gun violence is essentially a three-pronged issue: Political, legislative and human. While Ms. Rubin enumerates important legislative measures that President-elect Biden must quickly address, it is a human issue that can be focused on through education.

The following are measures that I would like to see: programs on anti-violence in schools and community centers, a national program regarding respect for people and their safety, allow doctors/pediatricians to talk about gun safety with their patients and initiate programs for the police to go into schools to talk about gun safety.

We have heard enough of negative rhetoric. We need to be proactive legislatively and educationally to take basic, positive steps to save lives — not destroy them.

Lois Schaffer

Great Neck

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