Readers Write: Rubin column dead wrong on Biden’s successes

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I often roll my eyes or chuckle when I read the weekly title of Karen Rubin’s View Point column but to assert that “Biden has record of big results in 2021-Dec. 31, 2021” is perhaps the most ludicrous thing that she has written yet. Joe Biden won the presidency with the narrowest of margins with a mandate as a unifier of the political parties and he would whip the Covid epidemic by following science. Within a year he has proven he can’t do either.

President Biden has rolled over to the left wing of his party, which has alienated Republicans, Independents, and centrist Democrats as well. His polices have caused large spikes in energy costs, which have directly resulted in increased inflation rates that we haven’t seen in decades. Illegal immigration is rampant on our Southern Border with increased drug and sex trade trafficking.

Internationally Russia is emboldened to threaten the Ukraine and China militarily is threatening Taiwan. The withdrawal of Afghanistan was an unmitigated disaster. Americans and allies were left abandoned in the country, millions of dollars of military equipment were left for the Taliban and 13 service members lost their lives in the bungled evacuation.

Candidate Biden claimed Donald Trump’s Covid policies unnecessarily killed Americans and he would stop the pandemic. In reality in less than a year of his administration more people have died of Covid than during the Trump administration and Covid is as rampant as ever. Just recently he has seemed to waive the white flag and stated it’s up to state government to solve the covid surge.

Biden’s proposed massive spending, left-leaning Build Back Better agenda has garnered little support nationally and even within his own party there is more then one senator against it. Despite his assertion that the BBB would pay for itself, the neutral Congressional Budget Office stated the proposed spending plan would add $3 trillion to the deficit.

Biden had also stated his administration would be the most open one. However, even with white glove treatment by most member of the press, he continues to refuse to answer reporters’ questions and his cognitive ability is in question even by members of his party like former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. On several occasions, during public functions, he stated that he would get in trouble if he answered questions. Exactly who would he get in trouble with? Who is in charge?

The above have resulted in huge disapproval ratings and a recent Red Wave nationally on Long Island, Virginia, New Jersey and elsewhere. Political pundits predict a definite turnover of the House of Representatives to Republican control and possibly the Senate as well. For anyone to state that the Biden Administration has been a success one must question their own mental cognition.


Mark McClellan,

Manhasset Hills, NY

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