Readers Write: Rosen team bring knowledge, experience, judgment

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I write this letter in support of Ted Rosen for Mayor and Pam Marksheid and Michael DeLuccia for trustees in the upcoming election in the Village of Great Neck Plaza.

 I have known Ted for more than thirty years; we are backyard neighbors.  He is an ethical, honest and hardworking individual.   

As deputy yayor, Ted has sought to make our village a better place for our residents to live and I know that he will make an excellent mayor.

I have also known Pam Marksheid for many years, since our sons, now adults, were classmates at Great Neck South. We have spoken many times about what has been going on in the Village and I have been impressed by her knowledge and dedication.

 In just one example, in April 2019, the village was considering a proposed local law dealing with the removal of trees.  Since I have a number of large trees on my property, I was interested in learning more about the proposed law. 

I attended a meeting of the village’s Board of Trustees and asked quite a few questions. Ted and the other members of the board were very responsive to my requests for information. 

They listened to my comments and seriously considered and addressed the points I raised.  At all times, I was treated with professionalism and respect.  Several days after the meeting, Ted took the time to drop off at my home a copy of the revised, proposed law to make sure that I had the opportunity to review it.

 While attending that meeting, there was a zoning matter on the agenda and I had a chance to see Michael in his role as chairman of the Village’s Zoning Board of Appeals. His knowledge and fairness was evident to all and I am certain he will make an excellent Trustee.

 I have never before written a letter to the editor, but I am deeply concerned that inexperienced individuals are now seeking to run our village, without the background, knowledge and dedication of Ted Rosen, Pam Marksheid and Michael DeLuccia.

I am voting for Ted, Pam, and Michael and I urge my fellow residents of the Plaza to do the same.

Susan Yellin

Great Neck

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