Readers Write: Re-elect Mullins as Port police commish

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I write in the hope that the residents of the Port Washington Police protection area will join me in the full support of Angela Mullins, present commissioner of the Port Washington Police District, who is seeking re-election to her three-year seat during the district voting on Tues., Dec. 14.

It has been an honor to know and work with Commissioner Mullins in many ventures of our Port Washington community. She is present, not just at election time, but always. She is fully vested in this community as well as in her position as commissioner of the PWPD.

Angela is a former NYPD detective in the Intelligence Division, Manhattan District Attorney and Robbery Squad, which gives her a very unique perspective on the administrative and the Patrol aspect of the Port Washington Police District.  She has served as a commissioner for the past 12 years and throughout this time, she has been caring, honest and has looked out for the best interest and the safety of the Port Washington residents.

Her accomplishments speak for themselves.  During her tenure as PWPD commissioner, Angela established a Community Liaison Unit and outreach programs with many community organizations, business owners and resident’s groups to determine how the PWPD could better serve the community.  She saved over $100,000 a year by re-aligning civilian duties, in addition to significant savings by adjusting police officers’ salary structures.  She has helped keep five years’ budget increases to about 2 percent yearly, far lower than tax base growth or inflation.


Commissioner Mullins is present at most community events, therefore supporting her emphasis of community-oriented policing, which ensures a strong and positive working relationship between the community and the PWPD.  She is interested in the safety of our children and the community members in so doing focusing on resident, traffic, pedestrian safety and emergency preparedness.  She actively works with the police staff, as well as listens to the community, and takes pride in the open door policy that she maintains on a daily basis.

This is NOT a time for additional “new” blood to be on the Commissioners Board.  This is time for experience and continued leadership.  We all have the right to feel safe in our neighborhood.  Commissioner Mullins demands this of all of the police officers and together they provide a focus on protection and service to the community. Her integrity, professionalism, positive attitude, pride, veracity and attentiveness to detail both financially and safety on our streets are second to none!

Your vote matters! Vote Row B for the individual who fights for you, who cares about you and most of all who sees that your protection matters! Commissioner Mullin’s experience matters!

Please vote for Angela Lawlor Mullins on Dec. 14 in the Police District Commissioner election at the Polish Hall, 5 Pulaski Place from 12 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Pam Monfort

Port Washington



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