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Larry Penner continues to write on and on and on about LIRR/AMTRAK issues. This is his right as an American citizen, of course.
But what is the purpose of his incessant complaining? Has it accomplished anything? Has it brought the problem any closer to a solution?
Instead of going on and on about the problem, why not propose a solution, which I have yet to see the author do?
I am not, and do not purport to be, an expert on transit. But it seems to me that one possible solution could be to do to 34th St. and 42nd St. what was done to 14th St. when the L train tunnels were being reconstructed: close them to all vehicular traffic except buses. Run buses to Penn Station.
Another solution could be to run shuttle buses from high traffic stations on the LIRR to the various subway stations in Western Queens – N, R, 7, E, etc. Have the subway cross honor transfers.
A third possible solution could be to stagger the further development of the Elmont Station and the LaGuardia train.
I have no idea how well any of these solutions would work. They might not work at all. But isn’t it better than incessant moaning and complaining about the problem?

Nat Weiner

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