Readers Write: A place out of the Hallmark Channel

Grace McQuade

On Thursdays and Saturdays except for summer vacation, the Thrift Shop at the Church of the Resurrection on Campbell Avenue is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Thrift Shop is now a joint venture with St. Aidan’s.

The Ladies of the Thrift Shop as I call them are “friends”.

They are a dedicated group of women who sort, label and package up your purchases.

They know about our families and events and are always on the look out for an item that I or others may inquire about.

For those of you who watch the Hallmark channel you know all about the quaint little towns, where residents are friendly, talk about good things and mostly find the good in people.

When you visit the gift shop you leave happier than when you arrived, even if you didn’t purchase anything.

In December when my granddaughters where visiting I made sure we had time for a little trip to the Thrift Shop.

They purchased costume jewelry and I purchased books for them.

Thanks to the ladies at the Thrift Shop and for the gentleman for both volunteering, and for adding a bit of cheer to the shopping visit.

Doreen R. Ehrbar

Williston Park

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