Readers Write: Passing of Michael D’Innocenzo

The Island Now

Like thousands of other Hofstra University alum, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Michael D’Innocenzo.

Professor D’Innocenzo, “Mike,” made a positive impact on thousands of college students over the course of his distinguished career. I am fortunate to count myself among those positively impacted.

As a Hofstra University alum and history major, Class of 85’, I was not only a student in several of Mike’s classes but was his teammate on the History department’s intramural volleyball team and was one of many student volunteers on his 1984 campaign bid for the House of Representatives.

Professor D’Innocenzo’s passion for history, social justice, civic-mindedness, and civil discourse had a profound influence on my life.

As a high school social studies teacher, I strive to impart these values to the students I am fortunate to teach. Mike’s appreciation for both the blessings and shortcomings of our democracy, as well as the importance of being an engaged citizen, striving to make a positive difference in the life of others, were lessons he instilled in his students through words and actions.

Consequently, Professor Michael D’Innocenzo’s legacy as a professor, writer, activist, and citizen is far reaching and profound.

Carolyn Faggoni


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