Readers Write: Optimistic Conservatives vs. depressed Democrats

The Island Now

It’s not a recent observation on my part; it goes back decades, so I’ve had a long time to figure out the meaning of this peculiar phenomenon. Specifically, it’s that Conservatives like me seem to enjoy the lion’s share of being in a good mood, feeling optimistic, trusting that the many forms of rugged individualism can solve most problems, smiling easily and often, and generally seeing both the present and future as glasses half full. Not one of these things can be said of leftists.

Nothing brought that truth more vividly alive than watching the Democrat and Republican conventions this August. On the one hand was the virtual presentation of a pitifully diminished candidate, propped up by a long line of speakers who had something bitter, nasty, negative and, of course, pessimistic to say about our country. Not a single smile in four days of incessant negativity.

And not one word––from candidate Biden, VP candidate Kalamity Harris, the speakers, or their leftwing media comrades about the nearly three-month, non-stop rampaging destruction––arson, tearing down of both black and white businesses, grand theft, violent assaults, and murder––taking place in dozens of Democrat-run cities.

Even after the convention, Biden had nothing to say about the violence. Finally, 86 days after the criminal chaos began, he called it “needless”––something you would tell a waitress who brought you an extra fork.

In dramatic contrast, the live Republican convention––“Honoring the Great American Story” ––featured a president, VP, and numerous speakers of boundless optimism who celebrated the genuine diversity and success stories of the past four years, the heroism of our military and police forces, the winding down of Covid-19, the waking up of the greatest economy (and employment) in American history, and ambitious plans for a safe and prosperous future. Smiles all around.

It’s so obvious––Democrats don’t smile because they suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. Even in victory, their smiles appear forced and phony. Even when they’re in power, they see doom and gloom everywhere, victims around every corner, the sky always falling, the glass inevitably half empty. This symptomology has remained so consistent for so many decades that it’s surprising that this form of depression and agitation hasn’t yet shown up in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

Of course, leftists rationalize that they care more, have more empathy and sympathy, etc. Don’t be fooled. They suffer from an untreated mental condition that no amount of windmills, high taxes, open borders, third-term abortions and street anarchy will ever cure.

Joan Swirsky

Great Neck

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