Readers Write: Ocasio-Cortez and Democrats march to the cliff

The Island Now

I tend to be a very direct individual, so let me say what I have concluded up-front:

When a nation is confronted with an attempted violent invasion from a border by armed terrorists (purposely “camouflaged” amongst civilians), launching bombs and other incendiary devices, following suicide bombing attacks, murders by vehicle, stabbing attacks and every concoction of terrorist evil – and when you say that only the state of the Jewish people, Israel, does not have the right to defend itself where every other nation in the world DOES – then you are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and you are an anti-Semite.

When every human alive today with any modicum of grey matter knows that socialism, since its inception, has stifled human development and destroyed societies everywhere it has been implemented (currently, for example, in Venezuela and Nicaragua) – and yet you seek that path – then you are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez and you are a socialist.

When your predecessor, Tom Manton, who had a weekend/summer home in Atlantic Beach, yet came to virtually every congressional district event in Queens and was a constant presence there, yet you were “Congressmember-by-proxy” from Virginia, with wife and family raised down there – then you are Joe Crowley and you assisted in your own political destruction.

When you are the elected council members, assembly members, state senators, congress members – of the Queens Democratic Organization – and you are purposefully silent on the emergence of Ocasio-Cortez as your new political face – then your intellectual integrity is no better than Joe Crowley’s in proclaiming his “welcome” and endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez to replace him.

I would personally ask my friend Joe Lieberman to appear with Joe if he had the  “cojones” to run for re-election as an independent, as Joe did.

When you played with voters by counting the votes for the Iran Surrender Plan for President Obama – and then as “Shomer of Israel” stated that you would lobby no one against the deal – and are silent as the Democratic Party rushes to the radical left with Ocasio-Cortez – then you are Chuck Schumer and you are smooth, but fake.

Readers may wonder “why the emphasis” on Israel?

Of course, the socialist narrative would destroy this nation with overwrought spending and ultimate bankruptcy.

But Israel, like the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” exemplifies the American experience: our common roots, democratic values, culture, capitalist economies, loyalty to one another and so forth.

As Israel goes, so goes America. Those who hate Israel hate our nation as well – make no mistake about it. They hate our capitalism, freedom and our institutions and undermine intellectual diversity.

Bipartisan support for Israel is critical.

The Democratic Party is currently going the way of the British Labour party. What do you suppose happens when stalwarts like Hoyer, Schumer, Pelosi (despite my ordinary political differences with them) are pushed to the side by Ocasio-Cortez and turncoats like Booker and Gillibrand (they too have migrated to the darker left side).

The Democratic Party has crossed the Rubicon: Sure, there are and have been Democratic congressmembers from New York who are not in love with Israel, but none of them hostile. However, for an incoming member (unless Joe Crowley revives his principles and runs nonetheless) to state up front, as Ocasio-Cortez has, that defenders against organized terror are themselves “murderers,” we are at a new frontier.

She is being underwritten by hard-left groups to travel the country and spread her poison in the districts of other candidates.

Jews, because of their history of exclusion are disproportionately active in civic and political affairs. Per capita, they are the largest donors by far to the national organizations of both parties – the DNC and RNC.

The far left leadership of Tom Peres and Keith Ellison are a disgrace to the traditions of the Democratic party. Jews and others should give the DNC nothing until they tow the line against the radicals and the anti-Semites. Just wait for the ugly platform to come at the next national convention!

It is telling that liberal Democrats emphasize and fret about two dozen Nazis in Idaho and another three dozen parading around with David Duke.

Of course, the far-right hoodlums should be condemned. But where is the proportionality when the left and the elites have unchallenged reign across American campuses and elsewhere poisoning the next generation of American leaders to our values?

Natan Sharansky has stated that integrity is when leftists attack hatred and anti-Semitism from the left and when rightists attack hatred and anti-Semitism from the right. I do both.

My friends – this is a defining moment for the Democratic party, the Jewish community,   Queens residents and the nation.

If the Queens Democratic party administration under Michael Reich is demanding silence and unity and thus the silence on Ocasio-Cortez by our elected officials and the outrageous and unprincipled endorsement of her by Crowley – you must raise your voices!

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck

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