Readers Write: Mr. Davret has the answers. I have a question

The Island Now

In response to the Aug. 20, 2021 Readers Write, ”Mr. Marlin has questions. I have answers,” I have a question for Mr. Davret.

Do you believe former President Obama’s $15 million, Martha’s Vineyard mansion on the ocean wastes resources and should be demolished to provide space for multi-family housing?

Readers will find the following very informative:

Forget global Warming and Rising Sea Levels – Obamas Buying $15 Million Martha’s Vineyard Mansion on the Ocean (

In conclusion, for those who favor attached duplexes or very, modern and efficient apartments look no further than New York City. As a result of the great leadership of De Blasio and Cuomo the cost of rent or buying a co-op has come down substantially.
Walter J. Jaworski
New Hyde Park

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