Readers Write: Mosquito No!

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Well, it’s that time of year when flowers bloom, birds nest and all of nature comes to life.  Not this year. No, it’s not COVID – it’s Mosquito Joe!

Last week, while I was outside tending to my organic garden, I heard a loud noise coming from the yard behind me.  The smell was like soap mixed with chemicals so I thought power washing?  Nope. Turns out it was Mosquito Joe, who did not notify me that they were spraying (which is required) since I live directly behind that property.

So, I called Mosquito Joe to find out what I was exposed to. It was Bifenthrin, which, according to Beyond Pesticides, is toxic to bees, birds, fish and mammals. Also a neurotoxin.  Bees are in serious decline and I haven’t seen any since before the spraying.  So much for my nice organic garden!

Mosquito Joe does offer non-toxic garlic and essential oil-based sprays, which do work and are better for the environment( and us humans).

To anyone who uses Mosquito Joe or has landscapers apply herbicides and pesticides to your lawns, please be mindful of the damage these products do to our environment, including bees, birds, fish and pets(dogs, cats) And the toll they take on human health.

Many of these products cause cancer, neurologic and endocrine diseases, especially in children.  And please consider using more non-toxic alternatives to keep our groundwater safe while deterring mosquitos.

Susan Burian

Williston Park

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