Readers Write: Middle Neck roadwork lacks planning, notice

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I regularly have to drive through the war zone in Great Neck, otherwise known as, Middle Neck Road.  The rides are unique on Long Island in terms of their choppiness straining the riders and tormenting the motor vehicles.

The asphalts were partially removed for placing pipes, but the new pieces of asphalts were planted neglectfully with substantial differences of level with the rest of the road.

Supposedly, new asphalt is going to be poured at the end of the summer but in the meantime something needs to be done to smoothen the road, e.g., filler asphalt can be added and tampered.

Middle Neck Road is the main artery of the peninsula which passes through Village of Great Neck Plaza, Village of Great Neck Estates, the unincorporated areas of Town of North Hempstead, Village of Great Neck and Village of Kings point.

Middle Neck Road is not a village road, it is a county road.  Its repair and maintenance are “mishandled” by Nassau County.

One might be misinformed and think that the mayors of the villages or the Town of North Hempstead supervisor, should be reached for mitigating the “repairs.”  The mayors and the town supervisor do not have any jurisdictions whatsoever for the repairs of this county road.

Our representative (for Great Neck area) at the county (Nasssu County), Ellen Birnbaum, should have got involved already.  The residents need not to wait until the end of the summer when the county is going to pour new asphalt.

However, while neglecting the opportunities to serve her constituents, Ms. Birnbaum, does not miss the best photo ops such as picking up garbage on the land next Piccadilly road on “Earth Day” or show up at the COVID vaccine site arranged by other officials.

Leon Manoucheri

Great Neck


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