Readers Write: Markowitz enters the smoke-filled room

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The headline on page 3 of the Feb. 16, 2018 edition of the Grreat Neck News trumpeted “Markowitz elected vice chair of County Dems.”

Along with John Ryan, chairman of the North Hempstead Democratic Committee, and Jay Jacobs, Nassau County Democratic Party Chairman, Steve Markowitz will wield power over our local government, including strong ‘suggestions’ on who will fill positions in the town, county and villages that pay well into the six-figure salary level.

Who are they, who vetted them, what do they stand for, where are their financial disclosures, background checks on any legal actions, civil or criminal and whether there are non-disclosure financial settlements of harassment suits so prominent in our times.

I offer that these are the people who brought us Gerard Terry, indicted, plead guilty, tax fraud; Robert Troiano, Jr., recently resigned positions in both the Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County amidst disclosure of tax liens of over $80,000 and foreclosure action involving a debt of $729,000.

Troiano’s defense was he’s been working on the problem for 10 years. Don’t worry about him, the Party saw to it that he landed on the Board of Elections in Nassau.

Markowitz, Ryan and Jacobs are quoted in the article as taking credit for victories from Laura Curran, Jack Schnirman, as well as Madeline Singas.

Fellas, don’t be modest; you are also responsible for Elaine Phillips’ victory because you offered us Democrats, Adam Haber.

Markowitz says his primary responsibilities will be “spotting ideal candidates.”

Is this why we have Anthony D’Urso after 10 years retired as our Assemblyman in Albany? How about Ellen Birnbaum, wife of Judge Mark Birnbaum?

Was/is she the most qualified person to be our county Legislator?

How about Kim Kaiman and her $80,000 plus salary. Did she beat out all other ‘ideal candidates’ when you and your buddies wedged her into town government?

You also state you are to ‘develop party strategy.’

Is an ethics policy for county and Albany like they have in North Hempstead a priority of yours? What about our immigration, gun control, environment. Where do you stand and what policies can you offer?

Folks, these are the people, not chosen by the public, who go to National Conventions as delegates, even super delegates. They are the ones we were warned about who would have gone to Con-con. They may not be paid, but you can believe they enjoy reimbursement expenses and non-monetary benefits every day.

Finally, Jay Jacobs is quoted at the end of the article, “There are elections every two years and seven vice chairpersons in total.” Who, what, why when and where?

North Shore Action Group, Indivisible, LWV, any ‘good-government’ groups, pay attention to this modern version of ‘the smoke-filled room.’ It is widespread within both major political parties.

Steven M Walk

Great Neck

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