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Greetings from American Legion Auxiliary Williston Unit 144!  No one would disagree that we’ve all experienced an eye-opener this past spring with the onset of sheltering in place, shortage of staples/food that we’ve taken for granted, employment challenges, unexpected illness and the list goes on.  For those in need who rely on the goodness of others, this time has been no less trying, to say the least.

As we soon enter the fall season, a new school season will be upon our children.  Part of our mission as American Legion Auxiliary members is for the youth in the community.  For the past seven years, Unit 144 Education Chairperson, Dianne Karl, has been the liaison between our 144 Unit and Parish Outreach conducted by St. Aidan’s Parish Social Ministry.  The Parish Outreach provides donated goods/services to the local parish and neighboring community as well as their sister school, St. John’s in Brooklyn.

Up to this time, Dianne has coordinated a school supplies collection drive from her sister American Legion Auxiliary unit members during the spring through early summer period.   Unit members’ generosity has brought in an average of $800-$900 worth of school supplies yearly.  In addition, Williston Unit 144  purchases backpacks, which are donated annually as well to the Parish Outreach.

In these challenging times of cancelled meetings since March 2020, however, there has been a need to adjust Unit 144’s usual plans – being ever mindful of the ongoing need.   Therefore, Williston Unit 144 has recently donated 16 gift cards to Parish Outreach (mentioned above)  which was warmly acknowledged by Parish Social Ministry Director, Rosemarie Cavallaro, as follows:

“Ladies,… on behalf of our families who receive help through Social Ministry, words cannot express the gratitude we have for your very generous donation of 16 Visa cards…During these most difficult times, how blessed is our church to have organizations like yours to go above and beyond to make sure that those in need do not go without.”

The American Legion Auxiliary is about to complete its 101st year in the spirit of “Service, not Self” to support the American Legion and honor the sacrifices by those who serve.  We advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

Eligibility for membership has broadened. As of August 2019, membership in the American Legion Auxiliary, which up to that time had been an all-female organization, has been expanded to include ALL spouses (female or male) of U.S. veterans and service members who meet the American Legion eligibility requirements, i.e. married to an active or honorably discharged veteran who is a member of the American Legion.

This amendment makes the American Legion Auxiliary the largest and most inclusive volunteer organization supporting our veterans, and children and youth.  To sum it up, eligibility in the American Legion Auxiliary includes the following relations to the veteran:  mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, granddaughter, self-female veterans who have served, and now male or female spouses.

If you are interested in joining our Williston Unit 144, visit our website: and

Rosanne Spinner, Secretary

American Legion Auxiliary

Williston Unit 144

Williston Park




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