Readers Write: Katz has good ideas for the Plaza

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Finally, someone is coming up with ideas to help and support us in the Plaza. I think that Leonard Katz’s idea for a health commissioner is a great idea — someone close whom I could call and have my questions answered. I would feel a lot safer knowing that a knowledgeable individual who also knows our village is around to offer practical advice to our residents.It would also be a comfort knowing that someone would be advising shop owners and their employees about the latest scientific findings so they could keep their businesses open for shoppers during these uncertain times.

I’m voting for Leonard Katz and his team, Marnie Ives and Robert Farajollah. It’s time we had new ideas and perspectives, instead of the same old policies and the same people we now have in office. This September we have a real choice and can vote for a real change. Everyone…please come out and write in your votes for Leonard Katz, Marnie Ives and Robert Farajollah.. Together we can change things for the better in our village!

Joy Perla

Village of Great Neck Plaza

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