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That Smile When the Check Clears

Just prior to the Presidential primaries for the 2020 election, I wrote in response to a column written by Jerry Kremer that the coming political battle in this country was not between Democrat and Republican, but between what kind of Democrat.

One that would reclaim the mantle of the New Deal or a limp mirror of the Republican Party that would only distinguish itself by its stand on reproductive rights.

That prediction became more true than I could have possibly imagined. Today, the GOP is left with no real policy besides promoting hatred, intolerance and grievances. Dr. Suess is more important than actual health care.

The joke, as Benny Sarlin of NBC News wrote, is that “After 5,000 stories asking whether Democrats can govern with the Squad holding veto power, a similarly sized group of centrists is causing the most problems for the White House and leadership at pretty much every single step of the process.”

And indeed, we have the spectacle of our own Representative Kathleen Rice, who, in concert with two other Democratic “representatives” who have collected substantial donations from the Pharma industry, is tanking the President’s signature legislation on reducing medical prescription costs through Medicare. The rationale she offered, as you might expect, strains credulity. Or integrity.

Of the three, Ms. Rice has only received $8,500 in contributions. Apparently, she is looking for more. This is in exchange for costing the U.S. taxpayer $456 million.
This is not only one of the President’s key policy goals. The Democratic Party itself has been running on this plank for two election cycles.

One can almost forgive Mr. Sarlin’s use of the term “centrist” here. A “centrist” is not someone who sells out their constituents for a contribution. This being a family newspaper, you can come up with your own words.

Newsday labeled the three dissenting Democrats “moderates” as well. Pray tell, what is “moderate” about this?

And someone who seeks to deliver lower health care costs for the benefit of our population, while the Health Industrial Complex expropriates billions of dollars a day from it, isn’t a “progressive.” They’re doing their jobs.

How ironic is it, that the Long Island Democratic Leadership stoked fears of a Marxist uprising if we dared elect people who actually enacted public policy the public actually wants? The Route 25 crew, about as “Democratic” and “Progressive” as Harold Stassen, doesn’t seem to get that hard policy actually matters, and that being a rank careerist shouldn’t be a goal for an elected official.

You’re here to use your agency to make lives better, not run an employment agency.

Apparently, the Young Democrats being groomed as future office holders are no less cynical and bereft of any principles besides a paycheck as well.

Representative Suozzi is another example. Imagine threatening the House Leadership with legislative sabotage if they don’t deliver a tax cut for a tiny sliver of the wealthiest people in the country, or make common cause with outspoken seditionists on the ironically self-titled “Problem Solvers Caucus.”

Who indeed, are the “radicals.” here? Three Democratic representatives out of 224 who have signed on to the Medicare legislation, or the holdouts who were bought?

Show me what is “radical” about redressing regressive taxation. Is caucusing with outspoken seditionists a sign of “moderation?”

This country has been through a lot. The dot-com bust, 9/11, the waste of blood and treasure used for the mismanaged “War on Terror,” the economics of the “China Shock,” the 2008 financial crisis, COVID, and what looks like an attempt to overthrow a duly elected government.

This is not the time to maintain stasis. This is not the time to equate being a “moderate” with not accomplishing a sorely needed policy goal. This is not a time for Congresspeople to answer to money and not voters. This is the moment we need to seize to make long-overdue changes.

The die is not cast yet. Ms. Rice’s constituents and Nassau County Democrats can contact her office at or her office at (516) 739-3008 and urge her in no uncertain terms to support our President’s agenda, and let Medicare have the free hand it should have had for negotiating pharmaceutical prices it should have had all along.

Don’t let them get away with this.

Donald Davret


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