Readers Write: Johnson for Port Washington School Board

The Island Now

Nora Johnson has earned another term on the school board. Nora is a dedicated, qualified professional who has given years of committed service to the Port Washington School District, and all our children.

Nora Johnson, along with her fellow BOE trustees Larry Greenstein and Beth Weisburd, has the knowledge and relationships to not merely restore Port Washington schools; but to achieve the excellence that our children and District deserve.

The last 15 months have presented one challenge after another for our Port Washington community. COVID took over our lives and changed how we handled so many day-to-day activities.

The impact of COVID on education over the last three semesters placed unprecedented strains on students, parents and all levels of school administration. Changing standards…inconsistent state and federal guidance…misinformation…uncertainty…fear….

A very difficult environment. The schools, and school board, adapted. There was progress. And missteps. Forward, and backward, while all the different constituencies were balanced. Resources shuffled: academics, athletics, teachers, transportation, IT, nutrition, health and safety have all been in flux.

New demands for virus testing and cleaning protocols. Three semesters of non-stop adaptation.

And now we are on the cusp of our new normal. I believe the experiences of the current board best qualify them to guide the Port Washington School District forward and upward to excellence.

I’m a parent whose two daughters enjoyed successful K-12 experiences in Port. My son attends Schreiber now.

As a retired Nassau County police officer whose 33-year career included years as commanding officer of both the Third and Sixth Precincts; I’m acutely aware of the razor’s edge that leaders straddle in communicating with the diverse communities we serve and honoring the rights of individuals and groups for confidentiality and due process. It’s hard.

I applaud all the candidates who have accepted these challenges and who will be on the ballot on May 18. They deserve our thanks for the responsibilities they are willing to take on. But I believe the best choices for school board on May 18 are Nora Johnson, Larry Greenstein and Beth Weisburd.

Sean McCarthy

Port Washington

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