Readers Write: In support of Ted Rosen

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I served as a local newspaper editor in Great Neck for over 30 years. During that time I attended almost every Village of Great Neck Plaza board of trustees bi-monthly meeting and special interest meetings.

I had the privilege of getting to know all of the mayors, deputy mayors and trustees. In 1985 I had the privilege of watching as a new trustee came on board and quickly my admiration and trust in Ted Rosen began to grow.

I was certainly not surprised when he was chosen as Mayor Jean Celender’s deputy mayor and I watched with growing admiration as the team quickly took charge of the “heart” of the peninsula and insured excitement and growth.

As always, a large, diverse and busy business and residential area presented issues and challenges but I never worried that the Celender/Rosen team would falter. And I was delighted to see the continued growth.

Of course, there are always major issues but the current pandemic presents even greater challenges. With strong leadership and a constant vigil, the Plaza board of trustees has met this challenge.

Businesses still grow and flourish and as Ted Rosen strongly meets the personal challenge of inexperienced opposing candidates, my belief in our well known successful business district continues to flourish.

It is certainly not a mistake that the Plaza board continues to receive awards for one of the more vibrant downtowns on Long Island. And, surely, a great thank you goes to the village’s board – a board that will continue to shine under Ted Rosen’s leadership.

Over the many years, I served as a local editor, I became more and more aware of the overwhelming importance of experience in leadership and in government. Ted Rosen has that experience and that over-whelming desire to lead and protect his village and the legacy of Great Neck as a whole.

Many times I have seen inexperienced candidates run for election – men and women who never attended board meetings (until they suddenly decided to run for office) and really had no knowledge of local government and the laws that govern us all.

Those challenging Ted Rosen and long-time trustee Pamela Marksheid are just such people. The challengers have not even been able to sustain candidates nor to properly make their challenge.

I am not a Village of Great Neck Plaza resident, but I am a “Great Neck as a whole” resident for over 45 years and a constant observer of all of the villages, so I really do know that an election in each village is of major importance to each and every one of us.

This is not the time to let inexperience try to take command of our lives. We need strong, experienced leadership in our community, especially at a time like this. We need Ted Rosen and his team to help lead us all through these challenging times.

Ted Rosen is experienced, dedicated and hard-working as well as compassionate and caring. I put my trust and my faith for the future in Ted Rosen.

Vote for a bright future! Vote for the Rosen team on September 15.

Wendy Karpel Kreitzman

Great Neck


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