Readers Write: Immigrants not the problem behind mass shootings

The Island Now

My point, Mr. Messina, was that the mass shootings are done by U.S. citizens. You state “it is almost impossible to determine in advance, who these killers will be.”

The same can be said for someone here illegally or are you actually implying that, because there are supposedly 10 to 20 million people here illegally, they are, therefore, more likely to become murderers? That’s poppycock.

The easy access to guns is the problem in this country (see the latest in Illinois). 

And don’t you dare to presume how I would feel if a loved one were killed. My feelings would be devastation, anger and grief no matter who pulled the trigger.  

I don’t need pity from someone like you.

MaryEllen Scherer

New Hyde Park

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