Readers Write: Hochul’s plan on housing would harm quality of life in Nassau

The Island Now

I want you to be aware of a number of proposals under consideration by our elected representatives in Albany which, if enacted into law, will erode the quality of life in Munsey Park.

First, some basics on zoning law as it applies to our village.

Under current law, the Village of Munsey Park enjoys “home rule”. In practice, “home rule” allows the Village, like many other Villages in Nassau County, to control zoning within its geographic boundaries.

Thus, as a village, we get to decide whether to allow or prohibit two-family homes; allow or prohibit on-street overnight parking; determine the size of homes to be constructed in the village and determine the minimum lot size for new homes. In short, we control our own destiny when it comes to what the Village looks like.

Now, under the guise of the state budget, Gov. Hochul has included legislation which would gut “home rule” for every town, city and village in New York State.

The state Senate is considering similar legislation (S.7574). These proposed new rules would allow every homeowner in New York State the ability to build a second home anywhere on their property (up to 4’ from the property line).

These rules would allow garages and basements be converted to accessory apartments.

On-street parking would be allowed if driveway space was insufficient to handle the additional cars that the new second home required. Lot size requirements for homes would be outlawed.

Any property owner could build a second home on their property and there is little that the Village of Munsey Park can do to prevent it from happening.

Imagine the effect that these changes will have on the school population, the amount of traffic on our streets, and the cohesiveness of our neighborhoods when so much rental housing is added to our Village.

Governor Hochul’s surreptitious inclusion of these proposals into the budget is intentionally designed to avoid democratic discussion.

If the nature of our community is to change, shouldn’t we at least have a discussion about it? Our leaders in Albany hate our safe streets, our good schools and our suburban way of life.

We need to let our elected officials know how we feel about their plans to destroy our Village. We owe this much to each other and to our children. In a separate email, the Village will provide contact information for our “leaders” in Albany. Please contact them as soon as possible.


Lawrence A. Ceriello, Mayor

Village of Munsey Park



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