Readers Write: A hero emerges from the storm

The Island Now

Ted Emmerich is my hero.  

I was home alone at noon on Friday, March 2 when the Nor’easter blew a neighbor’s huge tree onto my roof and took a smaller tree and 40 years of entrapped vines along with it.  

The whole house shook, and I couldn’t stop shaking, too.  Luckily, the house seemed intact, but…? What to do?

I called Ted Emmerich Construction and he arrived within minutes.  Calm and reassuring, Ted made certain I was safe and then took over.  

With the storm still raging, he and his wonderful men scrambled up onto the roof and began searching for holes where the rain could cause further damage.  

Cutting back branches, patching, laying down tarps, they worked for hours that afternoon, and have continued restoring our home and property since then.  

My message to your readers:  Support your local businesses and they’ll be there to support you when you need them.  

We’ve been relying on Ted for all our repair and construction needs for many years; he’s honest, reliable, smart, and dependable.  

Ted Emmerich is a guy you can count on when you’re in trouble. He’s our family’s hero.

Maxine M. Marcus

Great Neck

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