Readers Write: Great Neck Plaza — the village of obstruction

The Island Now

I am writing this letter because all the obstructions that exist in the Village of Great Neck Plaza make it unnavigable.

The other day I was exiting the railroad lot on Shoreward Drive and a car got stuck in front of the traffic circle. In order to pass the disabled car, I had to go on the slab of concrete in the middle of the street and possibly damage my car. If you want to pass the Andrew Hotel and a car is illegally parked, you again have to go over a concrete slab in the middle of the street.

The worst scenario is when you leave the strip of stores on Welwyn Road and have to make a left to go past the post office and then make a right onto Shoreward Drive. You can’t make the right until the car that is traveling towards the traffic circle goes first, because the bike lane markings and the narrowness of the road make it difficult to remain on the correct side of the road. Shoreward Drive by the post office is a head-on accident waiting to happen.

These projects, and others accomplished by the Celender/Rosen administration, created these hazards, thereby leaving a legacy of obstruction to all the people who go to this part of Great Neck. This shows that far more careful study is needed, including greater input from residents, before projects of such magnitude are initiated. Unfortunately, this administration has never shown any interest in listening to input from its constituents.

It’s time for new blood in Great Neck Plaza. It is really important to cast your write-in votes—either in person or by absentee ballot— for Leonard Katz for mayor and Marnie Ives and Robert Farajollah for trustees on Sept. 15th. They will do what is right.

Marlene Friedman

Great Neck


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