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While this headline is subject to much interpretation with all of the growing conflict in our community, I write it as an endorsement of Grace McGirr for Park commissioner. Grace is a lifelong resident of Great Neck with tremendous knowledge of Great Neck and our park district and a genuine desire to help the community whenever she feels qualified to offer assistance.

I had the pleasure of being co-president of the EM Baker PTO with Grace. She worked tirelessly to make sure events ran smoothly and to make sure new events were a success. She worked patiently and persistently with two principals (one retired during our term) to create Baker’s first World’s Fair during the school’s International Week. She saw it through from idea to finished product and every step in between, be it calendaring, recruiting parent volunteers or buying “passports” for each child. She did the same with a family reading night.

She was also an impartial judge, able to do a cost benefit analysis to determine which events were worth keeping and which, despite having been lovingly nurtured, were not. I also always admired how she knew everyone’s name, be they teacher, paraprofessional or janitor and took the time to get to know them. I’ve seen her in action and I know Grace to be an impressive leader and a no-nonsense person who gets things done.

During our years at Baker, with construction projects getting started, Grace would also speak up regarding trees that shouldn’t be taken down or a large boulder that the children liked to climb that should be preserved. Grace couldn’t save all the trees, but she pays attention to details and nature. It makes perfect sense that Grace would want to next help the community by becoming a park commissioner.

Grace grew up here and is raising her family here. She and her family use the park district facilities – classes at Great Neck House, Camp Parkwood, movies and concerts at Steppingstone and other parks, Parkwood Pool, ice skating, tennis lessons, and more. She knows the park district from A-Z, or in terms of parks from Allenwood to Wyngate.

Please note that I am not speaking ill of any other candidate. I know and like some of the other candidates. But Grace’s ties to Great Neck and the park district are as strong as the roots of the trees that remain in the Baker yard. At this time, for this position, Great Neck needs Grace. I encourage you to vote Grace McGirr for Great Neck Park commissioner.

Amy Nelkin-Kase
Great Neck

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