Readers Write: Gov. Cuomo has it right on masks

The Island Now

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tried to impress on us that it is of great importance to wear masks and to social distance. For that, I agree 100 percent.

Now there are some businesses that are not abiding by the rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are young people between the ages of 19-30 who have not gotten the message and don’t realize they can died of COVID-19.

There are also many others who don’t seem to have gotten the message that wearing masks and social distancing saves lives. I was in a laundromat in Queens today and a woman walked in without a mask even though the sign on the window said a mask was required and proceeded in doing her laundry.

I was ready to leave and told the owner who said he would talk to her. I don’t know the end result, I hope he was able to convince the woman to wear a mask.

Now my company Northeast Plumbing Specialty in Mineola that I work for in Nassau County have signs that say,” Wearing a mask is required to enter Plumbing Supply.”

This sign is posted both front and back of building.

Also, all employees have to wear masks and to practice distancing. Let me also mention that I have worked for the company for 40 years.

Many companies do the same, too bad some people don’t care about the lives they endanger. I guess some people don’t want to be heroes by wearing masks and saving lives, what a shame.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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