Readers Write: Godspeed, Sal Defeo

The Island Now

The Ghost is Gone or is he? Hundreds of people, many on motorcycles wearing “GHOST” T-shirts  gave Sal DeFeo, the Port Washington shop owner, a dignitary’s send-off on Aug. 25. Traffic was stopped by 20-plus motorcycle police from Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the numerous Port Police in their SUVs.

The procession went through town and past the old Ghost Motorcycles store on Main Street to Port Blvd. and on to Nassau Knolls Cemetery. The priest from St. Peter’s gave a beautiful Eulogy: “The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost being the Spirit, and those of us that know Sal know how strong his spirit is…His spirit remains In Port Washington”.

He sold me my first bike when I was 14, a 50cc Ducati,  which I rode all over with a miniature  New York state license plate from a Kellogg cereal box. He complemented me on my ingenuity, and we became good friends. The store was a gathering place for those who loved motorcycles and is still known all over the country.  Decades went by and I would see him from time to time at car shows or selling his classic Sweat T-shirts on Main Street. I would stop to say hello and never walked away without a smile on my face.

Jay Corn


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