Readers Write: GN must combat Covid spike

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I make no claim about Covid morbidity or recovery rates. I also believe it difficult to assess whether recent Halloween parties, weddings, college students, travelers, political rallies are the cause. Likely, they all play a part. In any case, what is done is done. Nevertheless it is incontrovertible that local Covid numbers are rising.

Readers may track them here:

I write simply because readers need to internalize that if local Covid cases continue to rise, local schools, public and private,  will be forced to close.

Hundreds of people, including me, worked for months to effectuate a workable, safe schools re-opening plan. We endured the consternation and projected anxieties of many parents, staff and residents. Personally, I endured it because of my fervent belief that every day students can have in-person experiences is a triumph after last spring’s devastating closures.

Of course, we also ensured masking, distancing, and a full-remote option for all the families who preferred it.

If the recent spike does not get under control, local schools — both public and private –will be forced to pivot to remote only. Families and businesses will suffer more emotionally and financially.

For goodness sake, please continue to mask, to distance and to keep children home under observation if they have not masked and distanced!

Rebecca Sassouni

Great Neck Public Schools

Alternate Vice President

SHAI, Sephardic Heritage Alliance, Inc.


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