Readers Write: Fishkind brings new ideas to N. Hempstead Council race.

The Island Now

Representation by our local elected officials can be characterized as people oriented and imbued with energy, passion and compassion. Councilwoman Lee Seeman, in North Hempstead’s 5th District, which includes areas in Great Neck, New Hyde Park and Floral Park, has demonstrated strong leadership. She has devoted her energy, passion and compassion to support our community as a local leader and elected official by the most honorable and advantageous means since the mid 70s

While we regret Councilwoman Seeman’s retirement, the Town Council’s 5th District is fortunate to consider the candidacy of Peter Fishkind. The Fishkind candidacy can also be characterized by an individual with energy, passion, compassion, pouring new blood and ideas for his future constituency.

Judging by his credentials, Peter Fishkind has had a varied career and participated in numerous activities to make the world a better place. Even as a law student at the University of Pennsylvania, he demonstrated a strong sense of “reaching out” to others on issues that matter. He was elected president of the Penn Law Council of Student Representatives, elected a class officer, a co-funder and co-president of Penn Law School’s Students for Israel and executive director of its Street Law Pro Bono Project.

He has held memberships in a number of local community organizations, served in leadership roles in prominent national Jewish-American non-profit groups, and has addressed important community issues through writing articles in our local papers.

After graduation from law school, his experience includes being a litigator at a leading New York law firm where he represented both corporate and individual clients in commercial litigation disputes and also took on a variety of different pro bono cases.

It is admirable to learn that Peter Fishkind has willingly focused his sights on the public sector. My assessment is given Peter’s past demonstrations of his concern for his fellow human beings, his election to the North Hempstead Town Council will be a valuable asset.

Please join me in electing Peter Fishkind as the Democratic candidate to the 5th District of Nassau County’s Town of North Hempstead. He deserves our support and will in turn support each and every constituent upon his election.

Lois A. Schaffer

Great Neck

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