Readers Write: Falsely accused Trump is not a Hitler

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I’d like to respond to a submission by Great Neck reader Robert D. Adams in the Jan. 7  edition in which Adams compares President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

There seems to be a trend by those on the pro-Socialist Left to compare everyone they are opposed to with National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler. It’s time to rationally address this adolescent and grossly inaccurate, slanderous accusation with facts.

Pro-Capitalist and Pro-Israel Trump, whose daughter is Jewish, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and actually deported an ex-Nazi. Not exactly the actions of a “Hitler” now is it? Trump had the lowest unemployment for Blacks in U.S. history. He established revitalization programs for Black communities, signed a major criminal reform bill, made us energy independent, brought peace to the Middle East.

Tax cuts, the border wall initiated, better trade deals, promoted religious freedom. On and on, he worked tirelessly to make America stronger, freer and more prosperous for everyone. He kept his promises, all the while being falsely accused and falsely impeached by Democrats, who at the same time accomplished nothing for the American people.

Adams refers to Trump as a “liar and the most immoral man ever to darken democracy.” Besides the fact that Adams is not aware that America is not a democracy, Adams again slanders the president yet doesn’t provide any proof.  There is a saying that whatever Democrats accuse you of, the opposite is true.

The irony of pro-Socialist Democrats labeling Trump a “Nazi” seems to be completely lost on Mr. Adams. Nevertheless, it’s time to stop casually applying the label of “Hilter” to opponents and return civility and facts to debate.

Yael R. Arseneau


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