Readers Write: Ex-GN Library trustees back Smith, Panetta

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Dear Friends and Neighbors:

We are former trustees of the Great Neck Library Board responsible for the successful renovation of the Bayview Avenue Main Building of the Great Neck Library. This achievement was managed with the help and input of the membership community, staff, political and civic endorsement and was one of complete transparency, with a Building Committee of 16 members.

This election Oct. 25 provides you with the ability to vote for Dr. Barry Smith and Donald Panetta. Both candidates, selected by the Great Neck Library Nominating Committee, have the endorsement of the trustees who have signed this letter. Both candidates stand on a platform of financial transparency and have demonstrated their ability to understand budgeting. They understand that all residents not only have the right to provide input on all tax-funded library issues, but encourage participation of the Public at all meetings.

These candidates will continue providing planned improvements ensuring the future of branch building programs, and the landscaping of the Main Building, which was to be the final action for the Main Building.

Please join us and vote for Donald Panetta and Dr. Barry Smith. They will provide us with dependable, reliable and quality service for the entire membership community.

Former Trustees, Great Neck Library Board

Marietta DiCamillo
Francine Ferrante Krupski
Michael Fuller
Joel Marcus
Josie Pizer
Robert Schaufeld
Varda Solomon

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