Readers Write: Enabling the death and exploitation of illegal border crossers is not compassionate

The Island Now

This is in response to Dr. Hal Sobel’s August 12, 2019 letter, “Accused of helping the undocumented.”

The title of his letter should be changed to, “Accused of enabling the death and exploitation of illegal border crossers.”

Supporters of the Marxist agenda are not compassionate or tolerant in any fashion. One has only to follow the actions of their enforcers “Antifa” to prove the point.

The similarities of the violent tactics of Antifa and Hitler’s “Brown Shirts” are striking and should be alarming to everyone. Marxists have no regard for the laws or Constitution of this country and only wish to achieve their ultimate goal of turning this great nation into a Marxist totalitarian state.
As for quoting partisan sources, The Center for Constitutional Rights, according to Wikipedia, “is a progressive non-profit legal advocacy organization based in New York City, New York, in the United States. It was founded in 1966 by Arthur Kinoy, William Kunstler and others particularly to support activists in the implementation of civil rights legislation and achieve social justice.”

According to the Aug. 23, 2018 article in the National Review, ‘Essentially a Fraud’ by Kyle Smith, “The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) can no longer be fairly termed a nonpartisan watchdog group. It has become a hate group itself. Actual political violence is of no interest to it unless it can be deployed in service of the SPLC’s thinly veiled campaign to damage the right.”
In response to the statement, “Dictatorships hold that using horrific means to achieve noble ends is acceptable,” one can only imagine the carnage resulting from a compassionate and tolerant Marxist totalitarian state violating 2nd Amendment rights and forcibly trying to confiscate 300 million guns from American citizens.
Democratic Socialists quoting Jesus to make their point is very puzzling.

According to author David Horowitz, a man who probably knows more about Marxist Democratic Socialists than they know about themselves, “Unfortunately, the people who hate America on the left, and this embraces so much of the Democratic Party these days, have conducted a 50-year, 60-year attack on Christianity in this country. They’ve driven prayer and religion out of the schools.”
In conclusion, people who love, honor and respect all people without knowing anything about them are naïve to say the least.

Except for immediate family, love, honor and respect must be mutually demonstrated and earned. Those adults who enter this country illegally must be detained and treated with courtesy.

The children that accompany them must be protected and treated with kindness. All processing and medical conditions should be addressed at border facilities as soon as possible after which the detainees who have violated laws passed by Congress must be returned to their country of origin.
Walter J. Jaworski
New Hyde Park

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