Readers Write: Elect Barnwell as Mineola Village justice

The Island Now


I would like to offer my strong endorsement of Judge Steven Barnwell in the upcoming election for Mineola Village Justice.  I have had the opportunity to utilize Mr. Barnwell’s legal services over the past 15 years.  As a result of our interactions a number of skills have become very apparent.

Judge Barnwell possesses the rare ability to efficiently and effectively distill complex situations down to the core.   This allows for an accurate assessment of the relevant issues but, more importantly, a comprehensive and insightful solution.

As a senior executive in the Healthcare Industry, I understand the value of these skills which can’t be taught from a textbook.  It is honed and developed with years of experience in dealing with complex issues and complex people.  Judge Barnwell possesses the skills, knowledge, experience, compassion, tenacity, to be an outstanding judge.

I think the people of Mineola would be very well served in electing Judge Barnwell to the position of Village Justice.

Joseph Franolich


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