Readers Write: DOT pick Buttigieg

The Island Now

Re: “DOT Pick Buttigieg,” 12/21/2020, Larry Penner. My first question for the author is if he has the gift of clairvoyance, and can he tell us how Buttigieg is going to perform as transportation secretary?

Can the author tell us how others would perform? My second question for the author is: was he in on the job interviews between Biden’s transition team and Buttigieg?

Could it be that maybe Buttigieg gave a good interview where others did not, as opposed to political patronage?
My final question for the author: in the 12/25/2020 issue of the Jewish Press, he stated he had a problem because Buttigieg is not a Republican.

The opinion piece makes no mention of what the author feels is a lack of experience. So which is it? Lack of experience or the fact that Buttigieg is a Democrat?

Nat Weiner

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