Readers Write: Dems’ policies fail us in New York

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Let me correct Alvin Goldberg at the very start of this letter.  I am not a Trump supporter and did not vote for him in 2016.  I wrote in the name of another GOP candidate, not that it matters.  I live in New York state and have no representative in the Republican Party with power in government.

Hence, I have taxes that are among the highest in the country, a city–NYC– that has become a garbage dump and crime-infested wasteland in many areas due to the incompetence of the Democratic non-leadership in the city and state. A crooked ex-governor and a city mayor that is the epitome of failure in everything he touches. Both were at the helm for far too long, but now only the mayor remains in office.

Mr. Goldberg, surprisingly enough, has apparently been blessed with ESP and knows that I think Trump would be perfect for 2024.  His ignorance knows no bounds.  I am a policy voter, Alvin, and the policies of Trump were far superior to anything that the Democrats put forward for our country, my state and New York City.

It is policies that I will be looking for in 2024 and if what the Democratic Party has put forth so far is any indication of what lies ahead, I will vote for the Republican without a second thought.  These are my priorities: a controlled border and immigration system, tax reduction, school choice, no CRT taught in schools, a return to reinforcing our police and a return to setting bail for criminals to protect the public, a return to Broken Windows policies in policing and every other thing that worked to make NYC one of the safest American cities in the country. Stop and Frisk reviewed but not necessarily reinstated depending on circumstances at that time, perhaps some sort of revision.

Again, he cannot accept the fact that opportunity is alive and well in America for people of all races to succeed.  He states I should instead be asking “How many people of color are hurting and are they really equal?” I would ask instead “Why are they hurting and what can be done about it?  Why aren’t they succeeding and getting ahead like millions of other minorities?”

The left does not want to look at those questions and seriously identify the “root causes.”  Maybe they should send Kamala to the inner cities of this country to find out.  A pathetic excuse for her border solutions. Attitudes need to be changed, the importance of two-parent homes is paramount, crime control in urban and suburban areas, good schools where standards are maintained and not reduced to the lowest common denominator.

How does this happen?  That is the $64,000 question.  There are white poverty-stricken communities throughout our country as well. It will take leaders in the communities themselves to educate and encourage the youth of tomorrow. Mentors can have a tremendous role to play in lifting up their communities and school’s successes.

The control of crime is the responsibility of the elected leaders and if you want to improve your cities and states, then vote for strong leaders that can do the job and not feckless dolts. All of this takes work and will to make changes. Prominent citizens with influence could do so much if they would only take an interest in communities of need.

Alvin attempts to demean me because I dared to call the evacuation of Afghanistan a travesty as if anyone with one brain cell could not have done some critical thinking and seen that this debacle was doomed to failure.   An embarrassment of such magnitude that people are still dumbfounded by the decisions that were made.

In case you have not noticed, other generals and military professionals have lambasted the whole process from beginning to end, not to mention the families of the deceased soldiers and our allies.  I am in good company.

Alvin prays to save our democracy while the left strives to establish one-party rule over the entire country if they can pull it off, in cahoots with big tech to censor free speech,  making sure that no people on the Democratic side who have been involved in shady dealings, including the president, are ever made to face the music, including the murderer of Ashli Babbitt, most of the BLM and Antifa rioters and the Russian Collusion Hoax cabal.

As far as abortion in Texas is concerned, I do not think that a victim of rape or incest should be forced to continue a pregnancy, but I do think there should be restraints on when it should be done and do not support late-term abortion unless there is a danger to the mother’s life.

As an RN, I am pro-vaccination, but there need to be exceptions for health reasons and natural immunity and those patients should not have to pay for the mandated testing.  That is my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

Let me add this for you to ponder since we are talking about Texas.  At this very moment 14,000 illegal alien Haitians are living under the International Bridge in Del Rio Texas and only 1 percent of Haitians have been vaccinated.  Mull that over while you open your wallet to pay for their health care and welfare payments. So goes the presidency of the illustrious Joe Biden.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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