Readers Write: David Kirsch demonstrated abilities in representing Department of Correction union

The Island Now

I am writing this letter in support and for the endorsement of my friend David Kirsch. It has been brought to my attention that David is running for the village justice and I know He’s the man for the job

I am very familiar with our judicial systems having spent a 25-year career with the New York City Department of Correction 10 as a supervisor before retirement. After retirement, I spent four years as a bail bondman prior to bail reform.

I have watched David’s performance in court as a union lawyer for the Correction Officers Benevolent Association. He expertly combined dedication and knowledge of his craft with humanity and humor to ease the burden the system can have on his clients. And always achieved the best possible outcome.

In my opinion, it is extremely important to combine honesty, sensibility, knowledge of the law and compassion when dealing in the judicial system. I have seen firsthand David exhibit all these traits.

So again I give him my full endorsement and hope He achieves the opportunity to make this system work a little better for all that will encounter him.

Clayton E Jemmott Jr

Retired Correction Captain.

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