Readers Write: Criticism of VGN Mayor Bral unwarranted

The Island Now

Residents and non-residents of Great Neck Village are still continuing to write letters to the editor on issues that have no foundation.

Both Ms. Rosenthal and Ms. Glass continually make repeated statements using different wording. They both make statements that are not factually correct, and they are continually negative about Mayor Bral’s current plans and attempts to revitalize the Village of Great Neck.

In all of the Letters to the Editor neither Ms. Rosenthal nor Ms. Glass stated that they have a better plan than Dr. Bral’s. Not once in their letters or at any of the meetings did they do anything but negate Mayor Bral’s plans and suggestions.

For the edification of the alleged traffic problem, I have been a resident of Great Neck Village for 69 years and with all of the construction of the apartment houses along Middle Neck Road during the years, the traffic has not changed until recently.

All of the traffic lights have been synchronized up to Northern Boulevard making the flow of traffic for everyone more expedient. We also can predict that with the new developments that are planned, all of the residents do not leave their apartments at once and do not come back at the same time.

The statements made by Ms. Rosenthal and Ms. Glass do not make sense based upon the facts.

It should be noted that although Dr. Bral is a very successful OB-GYN specialist, he is also extremely smart and has experts at his disposal who are consulting for him in every area of the revitalization plans for the Village of Great Neck he is currently involved in.

We now have Steven Markowitz blaming the mayor, Dr. Pedrum Bral, for the increase in COVID-19 cases in the village. It should be noted that Dr. Bral acted in a positive manner protecting the residents of the Village of Great Neck before the governor of New York initiated controls. What Dr. Bral cannot do is stop the private parties and dinners, including large get-togethers of residents and guests coming into the Village unprotected.

There is nothing that Mayor Bral or the local police can do when any resident has a party or dinner with a number of people who do not protect themselves in their own home and on private property.

It should also be noted that studies have shown that there is a spread of the coronavirus by individuals utilizing both the outdoor dining and indoor dining option at restaurants. It is impossible to eat and enjoy dinner while wearing a mask.

When people congregate without respecting distance and protection, no matter if it is on private property or in a restaurant, all that is required is one individual or guest that either has the virus or is asymptomatic to spread the virus to all the people in the room.

Rather than blame Mayor Bral with negative and false statements, Ms. Rosenthal, Ms. Glass, and Mr. Markowitz should take the time and research the problems and negative statements they made and come up with constructive and viable suggestions for the betterment of the residents of the village.

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