Readers Write: COVID-19: A weapon of mass destruction

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Your own government, along with mainstream media and corporate America, has declared war on you.

An oligarchy of corrupt, treasonous, lawless megalomaniacs high on power has bullied, threatened, and coerced you into submission and you were the enablers. They weaponized your tolerance, a self-inflicted wound, to push their own socialist global agenda.

They labeled and pummeled you on a daily basis as being racists, homophobes, and terrorists.

While you were working, paying a mortgage and raising a family, they were working behind the scenes to transform this country from a constitutional republic to a communist dictatorship and they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams thanks to COVID-19, a bio-weapon engineered in the Wuhan labs in China.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this metamorphosis that your country is going through happened by chance. Your own government was complicit with China in setting the stage for the current pandemic. Using millions of your tax dollars, the NIH (National Institute of Health) under Dr. Fauci has been funding bat coronavirus research and experiments at major American universities with the assistance of the Chinese for quite a few years, as well as, funding nonprofits that were engaging in the same research.

The viruses were being worked on for “gain of function,” “modifying the virus to make it deadlier and more transmissible.” In essence, “creating a pathogenic virus that can infect and replicate within human cells and cause disease.”

When people in the scientific community sounded the alarm on the dangers of these experiments, a temporary moratorium was issued on most of these experiments. The experiments, along with the funding, then went from American college campuses to the Wuhan labs in China where “gain of function” continued. When China blames America for the virus, they are partially correct.

The powers that be want you to believe that the virus jumped from animals (bats) to humans, or that the virus happened in nature. That is the current party line.

The truth is that your government, through academia and with the assistance of the Chinese, genetically modified a virus and turned it into a bio-weapon that caused the present pandemic.

Whether the virus escaped from a lab or was let out on purpose, is yet to be determined. The rest is history. Of course, the big pharmaceutical companies depend on and support these “gain of function” experiments in order to create their money generating vaccines based on the information.

Your own government has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths because they denied people access to anti-viral drugs, like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and remdesivir during the height of the pandemic citing safety concerns.

They played God and prevented sick people from receiving these life-saving treatments. Hyroxychloroquine has been around since 1955 and used to treat auto-immune diseases, as well as, inhibiting SARS virus replication.

Starting in 1981, ivermectin has been used to treat RNA viruses and SARS-COV2. Remdesivir treats respiratory viruses and has been in the pipeline since 2009. It stops viruses from spreading in the body. In October of 2020 (too little, too late), the FDA finally approved remdesivir for hospital use only, based on controllable clinical trials.

Of course, all these anti-viral drugs were labeled as taboo both in the mainstream media and the government medical bureaucracy. They kept insisting that these anti-viral drugs weren’t safe and didn’t work even though they were proven safe and effective through the years.

Uganda is a good example. With a population of 43 million, they have had only 347 deaths because they use hyroxychloroquine as a protocol to treat malaria. These low numbers show that it is effective against COVID-19.

In India, where COVID has devastated a large portion of the country, COVID cases are plummeting after the government started promoting hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The real reason these anti-viral drugs were not allowed to be used is due the incestuous relationship between your government bureaucracies and Big Pharma.

Not enough money could be made on inexpensive drugs that have been in the pipeline for years. Also, anti-virals could have shortened the life of the pandemic, but the powers that be wanted it to continue indefinitely so that it would have a calamitous effect on your country’s political and economic future, which it has.

The coupe de grace was when Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus. The government bureaucrats, with their hatred of Trump, could never allow that. The actions that your government took to prevent people from accessing these proven anti-viral drugs borders on criminality and they should be held accountable.

Did you know that COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved by the FDA, and none have gone through a complete controlled clinical trial like the FDA required from remdesivir before being given to the public? As a matter of fact, remdesivir is the only treatment approved by the FDA for COVID-19.

The FDA allowed the vaccines to be administered under emergency use authorization only. Due to COVID-19, you have unwittingly become part of one of the biggest scientific experiments ever.

You are the guinea pigs for Big Pharma and their clinical trials. You have become more expendable than lab animals. This should worry you since the long-term effects of these vaccines are unknown and no one is allowed to question their efficacy.

As a matter of fact, anyone questioning the vaccine, the science behind it, or steps taken to prevent the spread is immediately censored and banned in the media. There is no discourse allowed, even from renowned scientists who do not agree with Big Brother and Big Pharma.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of deaths and illnesses from the vaccines, but they are not being reported for fear that more people will resist taking them.

Did you know that half of all FDA and CDC employees have refused the vaccine? What do they know that you don’t?

The CDC reported that flu cases were minimal last year. That is because practically every virus and death regardless of cause was attributed to COVID. This was a boon to hospitals.

Did you know that hospitals received $13,000 for each COVID admission and $39,000 for each patient placed on a ventilator?

No wonder Cuomo wanted thousands of ventilators that he didn’t need. It was payback to his hospital donors. That is also why he sent Covid patients back to nursing homes, again payback to his nursing home donors.

The CDC now admits that COVID cases were hugely overcounted. The testing, itself, is suspect. PCR over-cycling of DNA samples led to the big number of cases.

As soon as the government and media propaganda machines accomplished their desired results, instilling fear and getting rid of Trump, the testing parameters suddenly changed and DNA samples were being cycled at lower rates which resulted in fewer cases. Covid testing was yet another financial windfall, especially for failing hospitals.

As you can see, there is a symbiotic relationship between politicians and the gargantuan medical establishment. They have again shown that quid pro quo is alive and well because of your largesse. Unfortunately, everyone is profiting from the pandemic except, you, the taxpayer, who will be stuck with the bills for years to come.

Of course, the substance of this article will be declared false by mainstream media because no one is allowed to question the scientific community which, itself, has been compromised.

This is much more than about dangerous experiments or the pandemic. It is being used a means of control through the use of face masks, lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports.

More importantly, it is being used to deny you your rights and freedoms under the constitution. How and when does this end? That’s up to you. Have you had enough yet?

Margaret Guddat

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