Readers Write: Coronavirus should be No. 1 concern

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To those letter writers who want to “Save us from the leftwing, anti-Trumpers” and who state that “Trump exposes Democrats’ failed policies”, it surprises me that such smart people don’t realize that your house is burning down and all you want to do is to go back into your house because you think this five-alarm fire is vastly exaggerated. These individuals write about destroying statues, liberals taking LSD, school system deficiencies, handcuffing police, stifling the economy, losing jobs and unemployment. I’m sure that they also meant to bring up the need for school openings for the children, more so to allow people to go back to work. It’s the economy, stupid. Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! Where are the accountants when you need them?

Would you believe that for all the problems they mention, they fail to bring up the coronavirus and the numbers associated with that dreaded disease. How about over 3 million cases and over 130,000 deaths? That’s in the United States alone. But, as the president recently claimed, it’s really harmless and under control. One key word keeps going through my mind. DEATH! I know when it’s not happening to you or yours, it’s fake news. If you don’t believe me, check out the real facts on the Fox News Channel. See. We Liberals do have a sense of humor.

The coronavirus and how to deal with it should be the main concern for all of us. With the number of coronavirus cases and deaths already at dangerous levels daily, perhaps more schooling is necessary for these letter writers to learn how to count to and understand such high numbers.

And blame, blame, blame. Trump blames Obama for this and that. We all know that when you watch the 11 o’clock news, many of us wait anxiously for the sports news. Numbers! That’s a big thing in sports. Growing up, the number 60 was the big number. That was the single season home run record that stood for many years. Babe Ruth! Did you know that he was around during the pandemic of 1918? Another number, 12, was made famous by another member of a New York team, Joe Namath after he won a Super Bowl playing with the Jets.

The four-minute mile was a barrier that runners tried to break. Speaking of running, in a relay race say of 4 miles, with each of the team’s four members running a mile, if the lead runner builds a lead of 200 yards and the second runner increases the lead to 300 yards, both runners are responsible for the victory.

Despite what Trump claims, President Obama left Trump with a fantastic economy, having turned it around coming out of the throes of a disastrous recession. Trump, instead of putting down President Obama, should give him credit for his achievement. Trump should also get credit for increasing the lead in the race to maintain a successful economy. But Trump puts Obama down for what appears to be all his accomplishments. Could Trump be a racist? After all, it’s in his family blood line.

But let’s get back to the coronavirus situation. Historians will ask who was in the White House when the coronavirus pandemic struck? One thing is for certain, it wasn’t President Obama.

Trump has done so much to control the coronavirus pandemic, so he says. He claims that he provided help to states like New York when it was needed. As a New Yorker, during the height of the crisis in our state, while Trump kept saying it was under control, all you had to do was listen or watch the local news programs to find out about the desperation the state was going through in dealing with this pandemic. There were shortages of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other medical staff, ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) – including surgical masks, face shields, respirators, gowns and gloves.

Here’s a fact. When New York attempted to buy ventilators and other equipment, we were not only in competition with other states but also, and I state emphatically, with the federal government, thus cutting short the necessary supplies and raising the prices dramatically. Is this what Trump thought was helping New York? All he did was make it more difficult for the hardest-hit state to acquire the necessary equipment and deal with the overflow of cases. This is not fake news. If you were not there, check it out. Only later, after much pleading, did Trump provide some help.

Realistically, we must first deal with health concerns by getting the coronavirus under control. Only then can we focus on business and employment. Although I believe that most of you Trump supporters mean well, I know that it’s easy to be taken in by the lies of the world’s greatest salesman, apparently placed on this earth by the devil. Has anyone ever seen his birth certificate?

We Americans, and the many who live here and want to be, must understand that in order to beat this coronavirus, we must all work together. No matter your political affiliation, stay safe.

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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