Readers Write: Continuity is a good thing for Roslyn

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I have had the privilege of serving the Roslyn Community as a trustee of the Roslyn School Board for the past 16.5 years.  My tenure began in 2004 when the district was in turmoil (I thought I had seen it all) and continued over the last 18 months when the district was literally thrust into reinventing education on the fly (there are always new challenges to tackle).

I am writing not as vice president of the Roslyn School District Board of Education, but as a concerned and aware resident of our community.

Thanks to the commitment of Central Administration, Administrators, Teachers, Bus Drivers, Custodial Staff, Cafeteria Workers, Security Staff, and countless others we were able to navigate our way through these recent challenges and come out the other end safer, smarter, stronger and more dedicated than ever to providing each and every child in the Roslyn School District with the opportunity to explore, flourish and find their path and passion in life.

Over the years I’ve gained an appreciation for the critical role my board colleagues David Seinfeld, David Dubner and Michael Levine have played.

Each put in their time serving our school community before they ran for the board of education.  Each brings an independent and unique set of skills based on their life experience and passions.

Each adds a diversity of thought to the board’s decision-making processes. Each is respectful, thoughtful and collaborative. And above all, each shares a passion for our children and community.

This year the Roslyn School District has a contested election. I have tremendous respect for anyone who offers to volunteer their time. I have read the campaign platform for the individual running for a first term on the Roslyn Board of Education.

I don’t see what he would bring to the school board that would enhance the board’s role as the stewards of the Roslyn School District.

I’m always open to change.  But I’m not open to change for the sake of change.    “Continuity” is defined as “the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.”

In this year’s school board election, I’m for “continuity”.  I hope you join me in voting to re-elect David Seinfeld, David Dubner and Michael Levine.

Cliff Saffron


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