Readers Write: Congressman Ra asleep at the switch

The Island Now

I give Congressman Edward Ra credit. As a Republican, he writes about the need for bipartisanship. In his column dated Nov. 20, he writes about dangerous criminals being released after arrests and about compassion for crime victims. He mentions successful issues he and his fellow Republicans campaigned for such as battling the Covid-19 pandemic and reviving and revitalizing the economy.

I guess ZZZ-Quil, Advil PM and even Tylenol PM work pretty well since it apparently has kept the congressman in a deep sleep during these past four years. Bipartisanship? Let him talk to his master, Mr. Trump. As Archie Bunker would say to him, “Hey, Meathead! What about the 250,000 plus dead and more than 12 million infected?” As Trump would say if he was on television, “Stay tuned. There’s more to come.” How many sweet nothings did the congressman whisper into the closed ears of Mr. Trump? But in this newspaper, he shouts out about the great job that he and his fellow Republicans have done. Frankly, I would prefer that he keeps his mouth shut. As we’ve seen or heard over the past four years, talk is cheap.

As for the economy, it must be improving since I now see so many cars on the road. Problem is they’re barely moving since it takes time for the cars, filled with family members, waiting to pick up relief packages of free food provided by the food pantries in order to survive. Hey, Congressman, why aren’t you out there to help distribute the food? And the economy is so good that new weekly additions of people signing up for unemployment checks remain under one million. I guess 700,000 sounds like a nice number under a million.

Bipartisanship! Congressman Ra, stand behind your words. You remind us that “On Election Day, New Yorkers rejected the politics of one party rule” and your “message to my Democratic colleagues is simple – even if you don’t want to listen to me, you should listen to them.” Of course, you’re referring to the voters. I totally agree with you. It’s the voters who should be listened to. I assume that should not only apply to New York voters but to all voters across the land.

Mr. Ra, why don’t you give Mr. Trump a phone call and let him know what you think and feel, that is, if you really believe in democracy. Otherwise, Mr. Ra, please go back to sleep. You sound a lot smarter that way.

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck


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